Why Donate?

SREF is a 501(c)(3) organization.  If a married couple filing jointly donates $400 to the schools through the SREF, they can claim $200 as a TAX CREDIT.  This means that you just SUBTRACT that $200 from what you owe the State of Idaho!  In effect, you just give that money directly to Snake River Schools, instead of sending it to Boise to be divided among all the schools in the state.  **Actual amounts vary by individual, please contact your accountant for case specific information.

Why NOW?

The Idaho Legislature last session CUT the education budget by 7.5%!  This is the first time in Idaho history that schools will be receiving LESS than they did the year before.  As a community we need to come together to bridge the gap between the tax monies received by our schools and the much needed resources that will make our schools the best that they can be .  Your tax dollars provide the basics, your contribution promotes excellence!

You may send your donations to:

Snake River Education Foundation

P.O. Box 481

Blackfoot, Idaho  83221

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