Congratulations Crawford Cup Winners!

Crawford Cup 2010 was a huge success, with quality performances from Snake River High School students.  Winners included:

Female Vocal

  • 1st place  – Breanna Brady
  • 2nd place – Alycen Turpin


  • 1st place – Jeffrey Hansen
  • 2nd place – Alyssa Delaney


  • 1st place – Curtis VanOrden
  • 2nd place – Rachel Balls
  • 3rd place – Krysten Young


  • 1st place – Saige Goff
  • 2nd place – Rachel Williams
  • 3rd place – Taylor Clement

Mark Your Calendar – The Crawford Cup, May 12

Founders of SR Fine Arts Crawford Cup
Dr. Edward & Mrs. Carolyn B. Crawford
The Crawford Cup was initiated by the Crawfords in the Spring of 1981.  They sponsored the Crawford Cup until the Snake River Fine Arts began to sponsor it in 1993.  The Crawfords have continued to help support it by donating money and helping in small ways.  They have enjoyed being involved in the Fine Arts and the musical activities of the community.
Mrs. Crawford was a charter member of the S.R. Fine Arts and has been historian, vice president, and president of the Fine Arts.  She has directed the musical, Cinderella for the High School, and directed a children’s choir for 24 years.  She taught school in the S.R. District for 25 years.  The Crawford’s six children all graduated from SRHS. 
We are grateful to the Crawfords for their love and dedication to music and to the youth of our community