Footloose Rehearsals This Week

Footloose Cast,

Last week’s rehearsals were awesome. What a great start! We are looking forward to more good things for this week. Here’s rundown of what’s on tap:

THURSDAY – ALL Adults and ALL teens (including dancers and Jr. High girls -this is a change from what you were told last week) EXCEPT the preacher, Vi and Ariel – 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm

FRIDAY – music practice for all adults and teens (no children’s choir – they will probably start next week)
6:30-8:30 pm

SATURDAY – all teens, including dancers and Jr. High girls, 8:00 am – till it’s done (probably about noon)

Thanks again for all of your wonderful help and enthusiasm. Let’s keep up the good work!



Hey Cast Members,

Welcome to 2013! We hope you have had a wonderful Christmas holiday! Now, let’s start making a great Footloose production!

Rehearsals start again this Thursday at 6:30 pm. All teens – good girls, bad girls, all teen boys, dancers, Ren, the trio, Jr. High Crush Girls, and Cranston need to be there! The only adult needed on Thursday is Ethel.

ON FRIDAY, WE NEED EVERY CAST MEMBER! Adults, this is one of the few practices that you need to be there!! That practice will start at 6:30 pm and go till about 9:30.

On Saturday, Cranston, bad girls, all boys, Ariel and the Preacher need to be there at 8:00 am. All the rest of the teen parts (including dancers and Jr. High girls) come at 10:00 am.

Please make every effort to be there to these rehearsals. We look forward to seeing you!

Have a great day!
Karen Fisher

Footloose Rehearsal Schedule

Date/Time Who Music/Scene_____
THURSDAY December 13, 6:30 pm FULL CAST All Cast Meeting
7-9 pm “Footloose & On Any Sunday” “Learning to Be Silent”
FRIDAY December 14, 6:30-9 pm FULL CAST “Footloose, On Any Sunday”
“The Girl Gets Around”
“Can You Find it in Your Heart”
SATURDAY December 15, 8 am FULL Cast (*NO Children Chorus “Somebody’s Eyes”
Or children’s parts) “Heaven Help Me”
10 am Adults go home, all teens parts stay “Holding out for a Hero”
“Let’s Hear it for the Boy”
“Mama Says”
THURSDAY January 3, 6:30-9:30 pm All Teen Parts,(except Ariel) & Ethel Act I Scene 1a Chicago Scene
FRIDAY January 4, 6:30-9:30 pm FULL CAST Act I Scene 1b Church Scene Act I Scene 2 The Church yard
SATURDAY January 5, 8-10am Cranston, Bad Girls, All Boys Act I Scene 3 Garage Scene
Ariel, Preacher “The Girl Gets Around”
10 am -12 pm ALL Teen Parts, Principal, Coach Act I Scene 4a HS Hallway
Act I Scene 4b trio/Ren
THURSDAY January 10, 6:30 pm FULL Cast(No Children’s Chorus or Act I Scene 4b Somebody’s Eyes
Preacher’s Family)
8:30 pm Bee, All Teen Parts Act I Scene 6a & 6c Burger Blast
THURSDAY January 17, 6:30 pm ALL Teen Parts, Coach, Principal Act I Scene 9 Gym
Lulu, Coaches Wife
FRIDAY Jan 18, 6:30pm All Teen Girls Parts Act I Scene 6b “Holding Out for a
8:30pm Vi, Ethel, Ariel, Preacher, Chuck Act I Scene 5 Preacher’s House &
“Learning to Be Silent”
SATURDAY Jan 19 8 am Ariel & Ren Act I Scene 7 Front of curtain
8:30am Preacher Act I Scene 8 “Heaven Help Me”
9 am Ethel & Ren Act II Ethel Bedroom
9:30 am Preacher & Ren Act II Scene 6a Church
10 am Preacher, Ghost boy, Ren, Ariel,Vi Act II Scene 6 b Church “I
2 couples for prom Confess”
THURSDAY Jan 24 6 pm* ALL HS girls, ALL boys Act II Scene 1 Cowboy Bar
“Still Rockin’” “Let’s Hear it
For the Boy”
FRIDAY Jan 25 6:30 pm Preacher, Vi, Cranston, Ariel Act II Scene 2 Preacher’s Home
“Can You Find it in Your Heart”
7:30 Ren & Ariel Act II Scene 4 “Almost Paradise”
SATURDAY Jan 26 8 am ALL BOYS Act II Scene 3 “Mama Says”
10:30 add Ariel and Trio to above
THURSDAY Jan 31 6:30 pm ALL BOYS to learn Rap Act II Scene 5 “Dancing is not a
8:30 pm add FULL CAST Town hall
FRIDAY Feb 1 6:30 pm All Adult Couples Act I Scene 8 Preachers House
SATURDAY Feb 2 9 am FULL CAST (No Children’s Chorus) Act II Scene 7 The Gym
“Footloose” “Finale”
THURSDAY Feb 7 6 pm FULL CAST Act II 6b Closing Church Scene
FRIDAY Feb 8 6:30 pm FULL CAST RUN all of ACT I
SATURDAY Feb 9 8:00 am FULL CAST RUN all of ACT II

THURSDAY Feb 14 6:30 pm FULL CAST on call Fix Scenes as needed
FRIDAY Feb 15 6:30 pm FULL CAST on call Fix Scenes as needed
SATURDAY Feb 16 8:00 am FULL CAST on call Fix Scenes as needed

TUESDAY Feb 19 6:30 pm TECH Run for Tech Crew
THURSDAY Feb 21 6:30 pm FULL CAST/Tech Tech/light/sound ACT I
FRIDAY Feb 22 6:30 pm FULL CAST/Tech Tech/light/sound ACT II

WEDNESAY Feb 27 6 pm FULL CAST 7 pm show
THURSDAY Feb 28 6 pm FULL CAST 7 pm show
FRIDAY Mar 1 6 pm FULL CAST 7 pm show
SATURDAY Mar 2 6 pm FULL CAST Closing Night (7pm)

*There may be some additional practices for the CHILDREN’S CHORUS during the dates/times above and you will be notified by Mrs. Casperson of those times.


If you MUST miss a rehearsal all actors must notify Paul Page by face to face. Any other questions, please call Karen Fisher 684-9838.

Footloose Cast News!

Welcome to all cast members for the community production of “Footloose!” We are so excited to work with you on this great play! Our first all-cast meeting will be held Thursday, December 13th at 6:30pm in Mrs. Casperson’s choir room. A music rehearsal will begin immediately after the meeting and continue to 9:30pm. All available scripts and music CD’s will be handed out at that time. (Not every cast member will receive a script or CD, but we will try to make copies available for those who need them.) Please make every effort to be there. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me or Marlynn Williams (684-9684). We look forward to seeing you there. A copy of the Cast List has been included below since I know that the options on the web didn’t work out quite the way I wanted. (Sorry about that!)

Ren McCormack(a teenage boy from Chicago) Tyrell Pincock
Ethel McCormack(his mother) Amy Delaney

Reverend Shaw Moore Brett Williams
Vi Moore(Reverend’s Wife) Jana McBride
Ariel Moore Janalyce Turpin
Reverend’s Young Son(Who has previously died/preacher sings about)Sean McBride

Lulu Warnicker (Ren’s Aunt) Genae Turpin
Wes Warnicker(Ren’s Uncle) Paul Turpin
Lulu’s girls (Ren’s Cousins) Zoey Secrist &
Charity Atkinson

Coach Roger Dunbar(High School Gym Teacher) Layn Hudson
Coach’s Wife Paula Brady
The Smith’s Kevin & Julianne Young
Principal Harry Clark & Wife Dane & Clarissa Christiansen
Policeman Shane Burr
Policeman’s Wife Louise Andersen

Betty Blast(Burger Blast owner) Shannon Butt
Roller Girls Autumn Aitken
Ellie Chidester
Jordyn Burr
Paige Williams

Rusty (Ariel’s best Friend -trio) Kennedy Hopkins
Urleen(Ariel’s Friend-trio) Malia Saupan
Wendy Jo (Ariel’s Friend-trio) Mariah McCandless

Ariel’s Friend Holliann Clinger
Maria Catrina Rodriguez
Locker Boy Michael Steever

Cowboy Singer (Lead vocalist at the BBQ) Alyssa Delaney

Chuck Cranston(Ariel’s Boyfirend) Nathan Brady
Willard’s Gang/Chicago Bad Boys Christian Hudson
Cooper Brady
Talon Gamble
Denim Hansen
Bradley Young
Bryson Harper

Bomont HS Genius Merlin Landon Delaney

Willard Hewitt(Ren’s Friend, a country boy) Cole Hepworth
Willard’s friend/Bomont HS Student Kenton Andersen

Bomont HS “Good” Girls Savannah Williams
Belle Atriano
Sadey Jo Eppich
Sydney Simmons
Jocelyn Jackson
Kassidy Davison
Jaycee Starr Lewis
Maddie Hoge
Savannah Jenkins

Chicago “Bad” Girls Leader Amy Gwenn
Chicago “Bad” Girls Paige Hunter
Phylicia Lee
KayDee Isom
Katie England-Johns
Alexis Burr
Jentry Robinson
Amanda Steever
Randee Wayland

Main Dancers Hannah Hansen
Baylee Hudson
Cassidy Peterson
Aubrey Williams
Makaylynn Anderson
Makailee Andersen
Alexis Parks

Bomont “Crush” Girls Shaelynn Williams
Olivia Hoge
Savannah Powell
Bomont “Crush” Girls Continued MacKenzie Fisher
Amanda Williams
Brichelle Davies
Brendy Whitworth
Sarah Wayland

Bomont Children’s Church Choir Hannah Bangerter
Caleb McBride
Sierra McBride
Alexa Lewis
Callista Jenkins
Lydia Hopkins
Dalli Merrill
Megan Williams
Emma Powell
Kambrielle Hudson
Lizzie Asay
Payton Parks
Abby Hoge
Olivia Powell
Alexis Whitworth

2012 Crawford Cup

The 2012 Crawford Cup will be held on Wednesday, May 2, 2012 at the Snake River High School Auditorium.  The evening begins at 7:00 pm.  This is a fine arts competition available to all students attending Snake River High School.  There are five categories – Art, Vocal, Drama, Piano and Instrumental.  Students can enter more than one category.

Cash prizes are awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners if there are enough entrants in each category.  (One award per every three students entered per category).

This is the 31st year for the Crawford Cup.  To read more information regarding it’s founders, Dr. Edward and Mrs. Carolyn Crawford, click here.   The Fine Arts is honored to continue this time-honored tradition every year.  Many students have benefited from participating in the Crawford Cup.  Thanks again to the Crawfords for their insight and forward-thinking as well as their love of all things Fine Arts.

If you are a student attending Snake River High School and would like to participate in the Crawford Cup, please contact Marlynn Williams, Fine Arts President.  She can be reached at 684-9684 or

Crawford Cup, May 4, 2011

Founders of SR Fine Arts Crawford Cup
Dr. Edward & Mrs. Carolyn B. Crawford
The Crawford Cup was initiated by the Crawfords in the Spring of 1981.  They sponsored the Crawford Cup until the Snake River Fine Arts began to sponsor it in 1993.  The Crawfords have continued to help support it by donating money and helping in small ways.  They have enjoyed being involved in the Fine Arts and the musical activities of the community.
Mrs. Crawford was a charter member of the S.R. Fine Arts and has been historian, vice president, and president of the Fine Arts.  She has directed the musical, Cinderella for the High School, and directed a children’s choir for 24 years.  She taught school in the S.R. District for 25 years and currently serves as a board member on the Snake River Education Foundation.  The Crawford’s six children all graduated from SRHS. 
We are grateful to the Crawfords for their love and dedication to music and to the youth of our community. 

For more information regarding participation please contact Marlynn Williams, President of Snake River Fine Arts.

Jon Schmidt is coming to Snake River! Get your tickets now!

We are so excited to present our fundraiser for this year:  November 6, 2010 -We have invited JON SCHMIDT, an amazing and entertaining pianist, to come.  He will be doing a free workshop for music teachers and parents from 2-4 pm.  A student workshop ($5) from 4:30-5:30 pm and an evening concert ($10 reserved seating).  We will be having a Meet and Greet with Jon after the evening show and cheesecake will be available for purchase at $2/slice.  (Please see photo postcard with info!!!)  It will be an amazing evening you won’t want to miss.  Come enjoy the show. Tickets are currently for sale.  Call 684-9684.  We have had many generous people and businesses agree to help sponsor the show.  A Big Thank You.  We could use more.  If you wish to help to sponsor the Jon Schmidt show specifically, call 684-9684 to find out how.  Your support is always appreciated.