Jordan and Joanne Smith to Chair SREF Carnival

“I am extremely excited to be helping the SREF with the Carnival this year.  I grew up attending school right here in the Snake River District and I know funds earned from previous fundraising efforts went to bettering my school experiences. 

We all know with the current economic situation that budgets are tight, but add that factor to a school district budget that was already tight to begin with and you get schools that are squeezed for funding.  That means each and every donation made to the SREF counts.

We have a lot of great Halloween activities planned for the whole family – some old favorites and some exciting new activities!  So come out and enjoy a spooky evening all the while supporting the SREF.

Hope to see you there!”

Jordan Smith
Chair of the 2010 SREF Halloween Carnival

SREF Grant aids in establishing a Character Counts store for students.


The Snake River Middle School is proud of its Character Counts Program.  Faculty and Staff are given tickets to distribute among well-deserving students each month.   When a student is “caught” going above and beyond, they are awarded a ticket that they may use in the monthly store.  Items in the store vary from umbrellas and books to assorted balls and even socks.   SREF is a proud supporter of this store.  If you are interested in furthering this program through a donation of new items or money that can be used to buy such items, contact Mrs. Seamons at the Snake River High School, or donate through SREF and direct your money to an excellent cause.

Join us in bringing about a brighter future, one contribution at a time.

Together we can make a difference.

The Snake River Education Foundation was founded in 1990 to enhance the learning environment for students in the Snake River School District.

 We are a non-profit public charity and are incorporated as a 501(c)(3) entity.  Donations made through the SREF are tax deductible.  These donations from conscientious community members, businesses, and alumni allow us to assist in providing a quality teaching and learning environment for students throughout our district.