Two Weeks Left Before Footloose

Footloose Cast,

Last week was great! We can finally see it all coming together, or at least, starting to come together. 🙂 We still need 2 more weeks of good rehearsals. So,

EVERYONE PLEASE BE AT ALL REHEARSALS THIS WEEK! – EXCEPT Children only need to come on Saturday.

Thurs, 6:30-9:30pm; Fri, 6:30-9:30pm; Sat, 8:00am.

PROPS: We are looking for one more table, preferably something like a small cafeteria table with the bench/chairs attached, like a fold out picnic table. If anyone has one or knows where we can find one, please call me (684-9838 or Julie Hudson 684-4748.)

CAST PARTY: We have decided to have a cast party on Saturday morning, March 2nd, before the final show. It will be held in the high school cafeteria. We hope to see all of you there!! You will receive some food assignments or other information soon.

COSTUMES: Almost everyone has all of their costumes. Now, just look for some accessories that will finish them off, like rhinestones or bling for the Chicago scene, 80’s style earrings for the girls, skinny ties for the boys, etc.

MAKE-UP: You will need to get some of your own make-up. For 8th grade and younger, please get your own foundation. Everyone needs to get their own eye liner, mascara and lipstick – dark brown eye liner/mascara for boys/men and black for girls/women, dark bright lip color for females, dark neutrals for males. Everyone please bring a can of good hairspray. If anyone has stage make-up, please bring it! Mandy Wayland is the chief of make-up. Her phone # is 604-3631 and she welcomes all questions and suggestions.

Thanks everyone!

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