4 Weeks Till ShowTime!

Hey Fellow Footloose Members,

Guess what?! Opening night is just 4 weeks from today!! Yahoo! You guys and gals are gonna be just AWESOME! Thanks to all of you who made an effort to learn your lines! EVERYONE WHO HAS NOT LEARNED THEIR LINES, GET GOING!! That really helps us all out a lot! Here’s what we have going forward:

Thursday, 6:30: ALL BOYS, Song: “Dancing is not a Crime”
8:00: EVERYONE EXCEPT CHILDREN’S CHOIR, town hall scene, script pages 88-91.

Friday, 6:30: ALL ADULTS please come and we will review all scenes that you are in. Please have your parts ready and maybe we can go home early!!
(I know the children were supposed to meet every Friday, but we need to change them this week to Saturday.)

Saturday, 8:00am: HIGH SCHOOL BOYS AND HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS (no Junior high girls, dancers, roller girls), PREACHER, VI, COACH AND HIS WIFE, PRINCIPAL AND HIS WIFE, Song: Footloose Finale; Script: pages 96-102.
9:00am: Children’s Choir meet in the Choir Room.

Keep up the good work and let’s make this even better!

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