Week 3 Footloose Update

Hey Folks,

Paul Page is back and ready to get this play back on the stage! Here’s the line-up for this week:

Thursday, Jan. 17 – Good girls, Bad girls, All teen boys, (no roller girls or Jr. High girls or dancers) Coach, Coach’s wife, Principal, Lulu, and the Preacher – 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm. Song: I’m Free/Heaven Help Me

NOTE: ALL CHILDREN PLEASE COME ON THURSDAY AT 7 PM TO THE CHOIR ROOM. YOU WILL PRACTICE WITH MRS. CASPERSON THERE. (Parents – they will be done earlier than 9:30, but I can’t tell you just when, 8:30?)

Friday, Jan. 18 – 6:30 pm – ALL teen girls, including roller girls, Jr. High girls and dancers. Song: Holding Out for a Hero.
8:30 – Vi, Ethel, Ariel, Preacher and Chuck Cranston. Song: Learning to be Silent

Saturday, Jan. 19 – 8:00 am – Ariel and Ren
8:30 – Preacher. Song: Heaven Help Me
9:00 – Ethel and Ren
9:30 – Preacher and Ren
10:00 – Preacher, Ghost Boy (Sean McBride), Ren, Ariel, and Vi (plus 4 teen parts that we will notify). Song: I Confess


As you look for 80’s school clothes, be sure not to get any shirts with graphics on them (words or pictures).
Opening scene – girls need dark clothing – black jeans or pants, black/dark shirts, leather jackets. (Sorry that this is not what I had told some of you before.)
For the Footloose Finale, girls at the prom need short prom dresses, not long 80’s formals. (They are too hard to dance in.)

Thank you, everyone, for all that you are doing to make this show great!

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