Footloose Cast News!

Welcome to all cast members for the community production of “Footloose!” We are so excited to work with you on this great play! Our first all-cast meeting will be held Thursday, December 13th at 6:30pm in Mrs. Casperson’s choir room. A music rehearsal will begin immediately after the meeting and continue to 9:30pm. All available scripts and music CD’s will be handed out at that time. (Not every cast member will receive a script or CD, but we will try to make copies available for those who need them.) Please make every effort to be there. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me or Marlynn Williams (684-9684). We look forward to seeing you there. A copy of the Cast List has been included below since I know that the options on the web didn’t work out quite the way I wanted. (Sorry about that!)

Ren McCormack(a teenage boy from Chicago) Tyrell Pincock
Ethel McCormack(his mother) Amy Delaney

Reverend Shaw Moore Brett Williams
Vi Moore(Reverend’s Wife) Jana McBride
Ariel Moore Janalyce Turpin
Reverend’s Young Son(Who has previously died/preacher sings about)Sean McBride

Lulu Warnicker (Ren’s Aunt) Genae Turpin
Wes Warnicker(Ren’s Uncle) Paul Turpin
Lulu’s girls (Ren’s Cousins) Zoey Secrist &
Charity Atkinson

Coach Roger Dunbar(High School Gym Teacher) Layn Hudson
Coach’s Wife Paula Brady
The Smith’s Kevin & Julianne Young
Principal Harry Clark & Wife Dane & Clarissa Christiansen
Policeman Shane Burr
Policeman’s Wife Louise Andersen

Betty Blast(Burger Blast owner) Shannon Butt
Roller Girls Autumn Aitken
Ellie Chidester
Jordyn Burr
Paige Williams

Rusty (Ariel’s best Friend -trio) Kennedy Hopkins
Urleen(Ariel’s Friend-trio) Malia Saupan
Wendy Jo (Ariel’s Friend-trio) Mariah McCandless

Ariel’s Friend Holliann Clinger
Maria Catrina Rodriguez
Locker Boy Michael Steever

Cowboy Singer (Lead vocalist at the BBQ) Alyssa Delaney

Chuck Cranston(Ariel’s Boyfirend) Nathan Brady
Willard’s Gang/Chicago Bad Boys Christian Hudson
Cooper Brady
Talon Gamble
Denim Hansen
Bradley Young
Bryson Harper

Bomont HS Genius Merlin Landon Delaney

Willard Hewitt(Ren’s Friend, a country boy) Cole Hepworth
Willard’s friend/Bomont HS Student Kenton Andersen

Bomont HS “Good” Girls Savannah Williams
Belle Atriano
Sadey Jo Eppich
Sydney Simmons
Jocelyn Jackson
Kassidy Davison
Jaycee Starr Lewis
Maddie Hoge
Savannah Jenkins

Chicago “Bad” Girls Leader Amy Gwenn
Chicago “Bad” Girls Paige Hunter
Phylicia Lee
KayDee Isom
Katie England-Johns
Alexis Burr
Jentry Robinson
Amanda Steever
Randee Wayland

Main Dancers Hannah Hansen
Baylee Hudson
Cassidy Peterson
Aubrey Williams
Makaylynn Anderson
Makailee Andersen
Alexis Parks

Bomont “Crush” Girls Shaelynn Williams
Olivia Hoge
Savannah Powell
Bomont “Crush” Girls Continued MacKenzie Fisher
Amanda Williams
Brichelle Davies
Brendy Whitworth
Sarah Wayland

Bomont Children’s Church Choir Hannah Bangerter
Caleb McBride
Sierra McBride
Alexa Lewis
Callista Jenkins
Lydia Hopkins
Dalli Merrill
Megan Williams
Emma Powell
Kambrielle Hudson
Lizzie Asay
Payton Parks
Abby Hoge
Olivia Powell
Alexis Whitworth

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