New Officers Elected

Board Members elect 2013 Officers in January meeting.

Marci VanOrden – President

LeighAnn Sensenbach – Vice President

Julie Wada – Secretary

Carol Hepworth – Treasurer

Mark Gabrylczyk, District Superintendent

Korden Wray, School Board Representative

Jana McBride

Deon Hillman

Laura Whittier

Kerma Hill

Nolan Mecham

Charlie Andersen

Verna Mangum

Arynne Hoge

Karen Fisher, Fine Arts President


Happy New Year!

We would like to thank the members of our community who made their mark by supporting the Snake River School District through the Snake River Education Foundation.  Our Halloween Carnival was well attended and we were able to raise money to fund grants in our district for the coming year.  Letters regarding  grant applications were sent last month to each school in the district.  Applications are due to the District Office by January 5th.   All district employees are encouraged to participate in our grant program.